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What is Q Symphony: List of compatible TVs

Previously, you used to have a choice of watching TV with built-in speakers or buying a soundbar. If you plugged in a soundbar, the built-in speakers were disconnected because the two sources could not work at the same time. In 2020, Samsung found a way to solve this problem on a software level, this technology is called Q Symphony.

What is Samsung Q Symphony explained

As I said Q Symphony is a technology that allows you to activate the built-in speakers and the connected soundbar together. As a result, your TV gets more sound sources, which means you get better sound. And the more sound sources, the more surround sound you get. That is, you will not perceive it directly, but there will be a feeling similar to the one you encounter in a cinema hall.

Samsung Q Symphony list of compatible TVs and soundbars 2020-2021

This feature is only available in Samsung’s premium QLED 2020 and 2021 TVs. The table below provides a complete list of compatible TVs and soundbars.

List of Q Symphony compatible TVsList of Q Symphony compatible soundbars
Samsung Q950TSSamsung HW-Q950T
Samsung Q900TSSamsung HW-Q900T
Samsung Q850TSamsung HW-Q800T
Samsung Q800TSamsung HW-Q70T
Samsung Q90TSamsung HW-Q60T
Samsung Q80TSamsung HW-Q900A
Samsung Q8DTSamsung HW-Q800A
Samsung QN900ASamsung HW-Q70A
Samsung QN85ASamsung HW-Q60A
Samsung QN800A