Here’s what lifestyle inflation is and how it works

Lifestyle inflation is when you increase your spending with there's an increase in your earnings. That way, you're saving the same or near the...

There are too many streaming services around

Let's be fair. There are too many streamings around—an enormous range. Just lets try to count them: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Peacock, Apple...

DoorDash hourly pay policy ‘Earn by Time’ seems good, but Dashers don’t like it

On June 28, 2023, DoorDash released a new payment policy - Earn by Time to supplement the initial Earn per Order policy that was...

How Nike has lost Lionel Messi to Adidas

In the high-octane world of sports endorsements, the game is as much about strategy as it is about athleticism. For sports brands, the ultimate trophy is securing top-tier athletes as brand ambassadors.

Nao Medical, AI, content mill, and health clinic blog

Here's what AI writing can be for you and your business when you spend a couple of minutes, a prompt and a three clicks.

Hollywood on strike: A $3 billion curtain call nobody applauded for

A $3 billion a reportedly loss and that's all about the massive Hollywood strike.

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