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Is IMEI the same as MEID?

In short, yes. It is the same thing. However, if IMEI number is used for GSM phones, MEID number is used for phones with CDMA module.

And there’s one more difference. While IMEI number can consist only of digits, MEID number can include both digits and letters from A to F.

What is MEID and IMEI?

Both of these numbers are radio module identifiers, unique to each handset. Using this identifier, you can, for example, find your smartphone, lock it or check if it was stolen (if you only plan to buy used device).

In their purpose, these numbers are completely similar, the only difference is that MEID number is used in CDMA devices, while IMEI is used in GSM ones.

Moreover, sometimes manufacturers try to use the same number for MEID and IMEI, in case the smartphone supports both standards. However, not all manufacturers do this, because IMEI number may contain only numbers, while in the MEID manufacturer can also use letters.

How to get MEID number?

The easiest way to find out the MEID or IMEI number of your device is simply to dial * 06 # and get that number as a pop-up notification. Of course, there are other ways, for example in the iPhone you can find this number in the settings. However, I believe that this is the easiest way which requires almost no effort on your part.