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How to Turn Off PS5

Not so long ago, a new generation of gaming consoles was released. The PS5 and Xbox Series replaced the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. However, many users who have not yet updated to the new consoles have not quite figured out how all the features of these consoles work.

This is especially true for consoles from Sony. In PS5 they changed the interface and some obvious things became a little more complicated than it was in PS4. For example, not all users immediately understand how they can completely disable their PS5. It’s pretty easy to do, you just need a controller and a minute of your time.

How to turn off PS5 with a controller

The easiest and most obvious way to disable your PS5 is to use your Dualsense. Dualsense is the controller from PS5. To completely disable your console you need to do the following:

  • You need to open your PS5 control center. To do this you need to press the Playstation logo button on your controller.
  • In the menu select the Power icon. This is indicated by the shutdown icon with a circle and a vertical line.
  • Here you will have three options available to you:
    • Enter Rest Mode.
    • Turn off PS5.
    • Restart PS5.
  • You just need to click on Turn off PS5.

Then you should wait a few minutes for your console to completely shut down. You can tell that the power is off when the lights on the console stop flashing. After that, you can unplug it or turn it on again.

How to turn off PS5 without a controller

Also from time to time, you may have a situation where you need to disconnect your PS5 without a controller. For example, it ran out of power, you don’t have access to it or there was just a bug that “froze” your console. In this case, of course, there is a way to turn off the PS5 without a controller.

To do this you will need to have direct access to your console. Depending on the version of your console you will have one or two buttons on the front of the console. If you have the digital version, you’ll only see one button on the panel, and if you have a PS5 with a floppy drive, you’ll have two buttons.

You need to find the Power button. It will be distinguished by a corresponding icon. After that, you need to press it and hold it until you hear two beeps. If you release the button after the first beep, the console will enter Rest Mode.

After this, you need to wait a few minutes. Usually, it doesn’t take more than 1 minute. You will also see a warning message on the screen telling you not to unplug the console until the shutdown process is complete.

How to turn off PS5 Dualsense

You can also disable only your controller. It’s pretty easy to do. To do this you need to:

  • You need to press the PlayStation logo button on your controller.
  • Then the Control Menu will open. There you need to go to the icon with the controller to open the Accessories option.
  • Press X and select your controller.
  • In the menu that pops up, you just need to select Turn Off.

Once you do this, your controller will be turned off. You can use this feature to save your controller’s charge, such as when you’re downloading a game or just to turn off an extra controller. To re-enable your Dualsense, you need to press the button with the PlayStation logo on it.

What is rest mode in PS5

When you turn off your console then among the available power options you can see the feature to enable Rest Mode. Many players don’t quite understand the difference between full shutdown and Rest Mode.

When you turn off your console, all of its functions are interrupted and it stops working. However, Rest Mode offers a “sleep mode” for your console. In this mode, apps or updates continue to be loaded, you can charge your controllers from your console and the games that you run are not shut down. They will simply be paused and you will continue from the same point when you turn your console on.

Of course to save more energy you are better to turn off the console completely. Moreover, many users recommend turning off the console instead of turning on Rest Mode. From my personal experience I can say that this mode works very well and if you don’t want to wait for your favorite game to start every time you turn it on, you can use Rest Mode almost constantly.

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Is it okay to simply unplug the PS5

Some users get the idea of just unplugging the PS5 when you need to turn it off. However, this is not a good idea and can lead you to very harmful consequences.

First of all, you should not unplug the console in this way during gameplay or while updating applications and the system itself. The fact is that when decompressing data or autosaving during games, disconnecting the power can damage the files on your console.

Thus, corrupted games can lose all your progress, and system updates can lead to critical bugs. So if you don’t want to replay your game or change your console, you should turn off your console using the instructions above.