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How to Fix “Page fault in nonpaged area” Error in Windows

The computer plays an important role in everyone’s life. Even for those people who use other devices directly for work, you can be dependent on the work of another person and his computer and its operating system Windows. At the same time, it’s rather unpleasant if some kind of failure occurs and you have to waste time on the causes and their solutions.

Many users of computers with a Windows operating system will agree that the error ‘Page fault in the nonpaged area’ quite often occurs. At the same time, there may be many reasons for its occurrence. In order to figure it out, you will need to spend some time. Fortunately, there are several ways to solve the ‘Page fault in nonpaged area’ error in Windows.

What is ‘Page fault in the nonpaged area’

It’s rather unpleasant when there is some kind of error on your PC from which you can’t continue to do the usual thing. At the same time, a fairly common problem that people face is error code 0xC004F213, you can learn how to fix Windows 10 activation error code 0xC004F213.

‘Page fault in nonpaged area’ Error in Windows is one of the most famous problems that are associated with bugs in Windows. This notification is an alarm sign that signals that the fault is on the software or hardware side of the computer, which can be fixed by yourself in most cases.

Most often the error ‘Page fault in the nonpaged area’ appears in Windows 10, 8, and 7 operating systems. In Windows XP it may be accompanied by a special stop code 0x00000050. However, if you have seen such an error on your computer screen, it’s worth finding out about the causes of its appearance.

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What are the possible reasons for the ‘Page fault in the nonpaged area’

There may be many reasons why you might see a ‘Page fault in nonpaged area’ error in Windows. However, there are a number of main reasons why you may see ‘Page fault in the nonpaged area’ on a blue screen, which isn’t hard to solve. One of the most common causes may be that your computer is overheating. As coolers start to run worse over time due to end of life and dust buildup.

Along with this can be mechanical damage to your PC. It could be a broken chip, as parts of your PC or laptop may not be connected correctly, or wear out over time.

From technical failures, the most common are errors on the side of system files or file system and incorrect installation of a program or game. Some software is incompatible with Windows 10 or others. When downloading or purchasing, read carefully which operating system it’s designed for.

At the same time, it happens that users have updated the operating system Windows, driver, or antivirus, followed by the error ‘Page fault in the nonpaged area’ due to incorrect installation or version incompatible with the current system. Also by the way after a failed upgrade it may happen that you need to search for lost files after the upgrade.

So, to fix this error, pay attention and follow the steps to fix the most common bugs which will require you to restore registry entries, update drivers, and clear the disk.

In general, don’t be alarmed when you see any error on your computer, because it does happen. Quite often people get errors such as not showing Wi-Fi networks on Windows 10 or no sound using an HDMI cable. However, along with this, any error can be solved by you or help in the service center by specialists.

How to restore registry entries in Windows

Actually, this way can help you to solve the ‘Page fault in the nonpaged area’ error in Windows if it’s related to a registry entry problem, then you should restore the registry. This method isn’t complicated as it’s automatic. So in order to restore registry entries in Windows follow these steps:

  • You need to open the ‘This PC’ folder.
  • Then move the problem file from the ‘config\RegBack’ folder to the upper ‘config’ folder.

Following these steps, you will be able to restore the registry, and try to figure it out, because in this case fixing the system will be possible even for the most inexperienced user. If the problem is different proceed to disk cleanup.

How to clean a disk in Windows

Sometimes clearing the disk is enough to eliminate the error ‘Page fault in the nonpaged area’. So to try to solve this problem and clear the disk on Windows follow these steps:

  • You need to use the Manager, and press WIN+R to do this.
  • Then type the command ‘cleanmgr’.
  • Next, select the disk and press ‘Ok’.
  • Then you need to check the boxes next to the partitions you want to free.
  • After that, press ‘Ok’.

Sometimes these steps are enough to solve the problem and your PC becomes a safe and reliable place. Nevertheless, there are more ways to solve it.

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How to update drivers on Windows

In Windows, Device Manager allows you to view all installed hardware along with its properties. It happens that after some update, Windows may cause a device to not work properly due to version incompatibility or other reasons. In this case, you need to update the drivers, follow these steps:

  • The first step is to press Win+R and type ‘devmgmt.msc’.
  • After that open the Device Manager, then find the driver you want to update and right-click on it.
  • Then you need to select ‘Update driver’.
  • After that, choose one of the appropriate ways for you ‘Automatically search for updated drivers on the Internet’ or ‘Search for drivers on this computer.

At the same time, you shouldn’t forget about the mechanical damage that may have affected the operation of your device. Once again check the condition of important elements. Since the error ‘Page fault in nonpaged area’ often appears due to problems with the video card and the motherboard. Reinstall them on your computer and check the operation.

At the same time, working with Windows is quite intuitive and you can try to figure out the problem yourself. However, if suddenly you have followed all the steps and realized that the problem isn’t solved, go to the service center.

Sometimes the problem is much more serious and to solve it you will need experts who will conduct a more serious procedure to solve the error ‘Page fault in the nonpaged area’. At the same time, if you would like to delve deeper into Windows and learn more, you may be wondering why there was no Windows 9.