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How to delete folders in Gmail

It’s hard to imagine our life without Gmail. Gmail is actively involved in everyone’s life. Some people use it in order to register for different services with the help of this e-mail. For others, it’s a great way to communicate. Other people use Gmail for work.

For each of these purposes, it pays to be able to structure the information you get in your email. One of the most commonly used recommendations for structuring emails is to create labels and folders. However, at the same time, there are times when these labels and folders have become a mess, such as work emails in a mailing list folder. In this case, it’s worth cleaning them up a bit and deleting something.

Why delete folders in Gmail

Actually being able to delete all emails and labels is quite relaxing if you get tired of the amount of Gmail communication. Other people, on the other hand, when they stop receiving important emails because their mail is full of spam, create a new account. However, Even though it’s the easiest thing to do, so you don’t have to organize your space in Gmail.

It’s best to keep all the emails you get separated by labels. So if your inboxes are now overflowing with spam, take some time to delete all emails in Gmail.

After that, delete your old labels that are no longer working for you, but only store mixed emails. Once your mail is cleared, create new labels so this situation doesn’t happen again. In case you need to find an email quickly, you could easily do so.

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What to do to manage folders and labels in Gmail

First, you need to understand what folders and labels are in Gmail. Folders in Gmail are storage locations that are created by default. That is, your default folders in Gmail are inbox, sent important, spam, and others.

Whereas labels are the same folders, just not the default, but the ones you create. So it’s at the bottom of the list of all the folders and it’s there to structure the information.

In the Gmail preferences, you can’t remove the default folders. However, at the same time, you can create your own settings. You can only delete labels in Gmail.

There are many ways you can keep your Gmail emails organized since the information it contain can be useful to many people. In addition to creating and deleting tables, you can block unwanted emails that just create chaos in your inbox.

By the same token, you can also be a sender who cares about other people. So when you send an email to someone, you can specify a subject so that the recipient can send the email to the right folder or label. Also, you can structure your information in the letter right away, instead of sending several letters. Along with this, you can add a table to a Gmail email, if necessary, to make it look visually better and more readable.

What to do to delete labels in Gmail using iPhone

It’s really not that hard to organize your Gmail emails. However, if you spend some time on it you can get a lot more, namely, you can save time on searching for some information in the future. In order to delete labels in Gmail using iPhone follow these steps:

  • The first step to removing a label in Gmail using your iPhone is to open the Gmail app.
  • After that click on the icon in the upper left corner.
  • Then scroll down a bit and select ‘Settings’.
  • Next, click on your email icon in the new window.
  • You’ll have a new menu open with all the settings available, select ‘Label settings’.
  • After that, you will see a list of the labels you have created, select the one you want.
  • Then click ‘Delete’.

Removing labels in Gmail using iPhone is really not difficult. However, at the same time, you don’t have the same features using the iPhone as you do on the computer. That is, in the browser version you can configure not only labels but also default folders.

What to do to delete labels in Gmail using the browser

There is a difference in label and folder management between devices. In the app on the iPhone, the buttons are placed in other places and with that, the features are compressed. That is, you will be able to hide some folders on the right side of the list and return them at any time. If you want to manage your mail, you can delete labels in Gmail using PC, for this follow these steps:

  • First, you need to open Gmail in your browser.
  • Then you need to click on the settings icon in the upper right corner and select ‘See all setttings’.
  • At the top of the panel you have a window open on the ‘General’ section, you need to select the next item ‘Label‘.
  • After that, you can select ‘Remove’ next to the desired label.
  • Then confirm your action and click on ‘Delete’.

This way you can delete labels in Gmail using the browser because the algorithm is slightly different from the app on the iPhone. The same window also allows you to hide the folders that you use infrequently. So that the interface is much more structured.

What to do to create a new label in Gmail using iPhone

Once you have deleted the labels you didn’t use where you stored a lot of different emails, you can create new ones. It’s important to do this because if necessary you won’t be able to find an e-mail or you won’t see it among other spam. So to create new labels in Gmail using iPhone:

  • To create a new label in Gmail, first, open the Gmail app.
  • Then click the icon in the upper left corner.
  • Next, you will see a list of all the default folders and your labels, click on ‘Create new’.
  • Specify a label name, then click on ‘Done’ in the top right corner.

So with just a couple of clicks, your email will be more structured and you will be more comfortable using Gmail. You can also leave color marks to make it look better.

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What to do to create a new label in Gmail using a browser

In fact, your algorithm for creating a new label in Gmail will be the same as for deleting it. As with all steps, you need to choose the same in the settings. So in order to structure your emails in Gmail, you can follow these steps to create a new label in Gmail using your browser:

  • The first step is to open Gmail in your browser.
  • Then click on the settings icon.
  • After that, select ‘See all setttings’.
  • The next step is to select the ‘Label’ section from the top.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Create new’.
  • Next, specify a label name and click ‘Create’.

After these steps, you will see something new in the list of folders and labels. This way you can move some emails to this label and it will help you not to lose what you need.

At the same time, Gmail allows you to do a lot of things to automate your use of it. So you have a lot of possibilities to do your tasks. You can send automatic reply emails in Gmail and block senders to keep your spam folders clean. Use all the features that Gmail allows so that your life can be automated.