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How to clear Continue Watching on Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a popular streaming service with a wide selection of movies and shows for the whole family. Like most streaming services, you can watch recordings of shows and movies you’ve already watched. Like most streaming services, Disney Plus also has a ‘Continue Watching’ function. However, there is a difference for users in comparison with Netflix for example.

Being able to go straight to your favorite shows or movies after you’ve stopped watching is convenient. However, there are times when you don’t want to do that so you don’t clog up your ‘Continue Watching’ list. However, while there is a ‘Continue Watching’ feature on the Disney Plus streaming service, managing it’s not exactly user-friendly.

Is it possible to check and delete watching history on Disney Plus?

In fact, the ‘Continue Watching’ list control is different in that there is no ‘Clear’ button. That is, you can’t go into your account and clear the entire viewing history at any time. However, there are a few workarounds that can help you have the best possible content viewing experience on the Disney Plus streaming service.

The most used way to clear your ‘Continue Watching’ list is to scroll forward with the slider. The fast-forward feature isn’t really practical, but there really aren’t many options. So fast-forwarding is one way to do it.

The only way to get rid of a movie is to finish watching it completely. So you can turn on the last episode of your show’s season, rewind to the last seconds, and then let the viewing end. This way, the service will consider the viewing to be complete and automatically delete it from the list.

There is also another way, is to create a second additional account. That way you can start watching the show and make sure it suits you. Also, if you need to watch content that no one else should know about, this is a great solution.

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How to add an additional profile to Disney Plus?

This way is really necessary because Disney Plus, like other platforms, makes recommendations for viewing based on your past choices. So to make sure the content will be useful to you, start watching it on your test account. This will allow you to avoid clogging up your ‘Continue Watching’ list if the content isn’t a good fit. So follow these steps to add an additional Disney Plus profile:

  • The first step is to click on the ‘Add Profile’ button on the Disney Plus main menu.
  • Then select Photos and Profile Name and click ‘Done’ at the top right of the window.
  • Next, select which account you want to continue browsing from.

This way you can watch any video content in the second account just to make sure that a certain series or movie was able to interests you. Everyone will agree that this isn’t the most convenient option, but while there is no function to delete or clear the ‘Continue Watching’ list, you need to use some other ways.

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Will Disney Plus ever add the built-in ability to manage the ‘Continue watching’ list?

To date, Disney Plus has made no mention of adding an easier way to remove content to the ‘Continue Viewing’ section of the list. Nor is there any word on a planned review of this feature.

One can only count on Disney Plus to say in fact that they have improved the viewing experience on the streaming service. However, with that said, if you miss it, it’s worth filling out the Feedback Form to request this feature.

The more users request this feature, the more Disney will have requests to enable it. All you have to do is go to the Disney Plus feedback page and click on the ‘I have a suggestion for a product or content’ link. Then click the ‘Leave Feedback’ button and fill out the form.