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How to Charge Apple Pencil Without iPad

Many people wondered if they needed the Apple Pencil after the company presented it to us. As of today some people still think it’s a great tool that just helps and creates a great experience using the iPad. Others have doubts and with that, a lot of questions about how to use it, most of all a lot of people have doubts about the performance as well as the duration of use after the charge.

Most probably so many questions and doubts people have concerning Apple Pencil from the fact that earlier company Apple didn’t offer something similar to its users. In fact, buying a smart pencil, open up more opportunities for the use of your iPad. However, at the same time, we need to understand how the Apple Pencil will be charged.

What is the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a really unique tool because you can do a lot more things on the iPad with it. More often than not, the primary use of the Apple Pencil is for hobbies and work purposes.

The Apple Pencil is a small device that resembles a pencil or pen and has a special tip. This tip is used to touch the touch surface of the screen to control or draw. This is the main purpose of use, and it’s most popular with designers and artists. Many people also buy the Apple Pencil for the usual control iPad, because it can be more convenient.

In fact, Apple Pencil fans exist worldwide and after trying to use it, many people understand why the Apple Pencil is so expensive. At the same time, before buying, people wonder which generation of Apple Pencil to choose because, in addition to the technical characteristics, there are different ways of charging.

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Is it possible to charge the Apple Pencil without the iPad

In fact, once you buy the Apple Pencil, you can get the opportunity to create a much more comfortable environment for using your iPad. Together with this, connecting the Apple Pencil with your iPad won’t be too difficult for anyone. The use is just about the same whether you have a first or second-generation Apple Pencil. The difference in the use of the first and second-generation Apple Pencils will be felt only in the way of charging.

If you’re considering the first generation Apple Pencil to buy, you should know that you can generally charge it without the iPad. Since the first generation, Apple Pencil doesn’t support a wireless charging method, unlike the second generation Apple Pencil. So if Apple Pencil charging capability is essential for you, consider only the first-generation Apple Pencil for your purchase. Since then you will be able to charge with both the iPad and the USB power adapter.

Since at the same time the second generation Apple Pencil has wireless charging capability, accordingly you cannot charge the Apple Pencil without the iPad. If you have an iPad Pro 3rd generation or newer, it has a magnetic connector on the side for the Apple Pencil stylus. This isn’t only for fixing the Apple Pencil, but also for charging it. Overall you can sort out whether or not the iPad Pro is good for work and whether you should buy an Apple Pencil to go with it.

How long does it take to charge the Apple Pencil

Before buying the Apple Pencil, many people wonder how long it takes to discharge it and, of course, how long the charge lasts. In fact, it’s about the same for the first generation Apple Pencil as it’s for the second generation Apple Pencil.

The stylus connects to the iPad via Bluetooth communication. To maintain this connection, the stylus needs a power source. However, in spite of this, the charging lasts long enough and at the same time, the charging process takes little time.

In fact, you need just fifteen seconds of charging the Apple Pencil, which is enough time to work with the stylus for 30 minutes afterward. However, in order to charge fully, you need about 30 minutes. The Apple Pencil has a built-in battery that will allow the stylus to last about 12 hours on a single charge.

How to charge a first-generation Apple Pencil

In fact, the charging process of the first-generation Apple Pencil isn’t surprising at all. The process of charging the Apple Pencil is almost indistinguishable visually from charging other Apple devices. The first-generation Apple Pencil can be charged in two ways:

  • You can plug the Apple Pencil into the Lightning connector on your iPad.
  • Alternatively, without the iPad use the USB power adapter that comes with the Apple Pencil.

After that, many people wonder if the charging process is going on and how to check it. To do this you need to remove the cap from the top of the stylus. After that, you will see the light connector on the end of the Apple Pencil. Once you have started the charging process either way, you will hear a ringing sound that signals that the Apple Pencil has started its charging process.

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How to charge a second-generation Apple Pencil

In fact, the charging process on the second-generation Apple Pencil is different from the first-generation Apple Pencil. For many people, this is a significant improvement. The second-generation Apple Pencil is supported by the new iPad Pro and iPad Air. These iPads have flat edges and no physical buttons.

This allows you to charge the Apple Pencil by attaching it to the side of the iPad. As the iPads have one flat edge to which you need to attach the Apple Pencil to start the charging process. Without the iPad, you can’t charge the second-generation Apple Pencil. Immediately after you attach the second-generation Apple Pencil to the iPad, you will see a banner that your Apple Pencil is charging.

After people learn more about using the Apple Pencil, there are many thoughts about whether the Apple Pencil is worth buying. Some people think the price is too high for a pencil. Other people think it’s not, considering that the Apple Pencil gives a lot of possibilities.

Most people think the Apple Pencil is only for artists. However, this isn’t true with the Apple Pencil you can do much more while retouching and editing pictures. It’s also possible to highlight all the important things in books, to leave notes on screenshots. Use your notes for important work purposes, as well as the stylus needed to fully use Sidecar.