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How to Cancel Pending Order on StockX

Online shopping in today’s world is quite a popular experience in people’s lives. Since shopping online you can save time on walking around the store, along with this spend it on more pleasant things. In addition, for example, ordering from StockX you have the opportunity to buy unique things, to participate in the auction.

Buying on StockX from the fact that there is no opportunity to try on a thing, rather you may find that you have chosen the wrong size or have changed your mind to buy it. Then you look for the ‘Cancel order’ button, but unfortunately, it’s not present, so there are many questions about whether it’s possible to cancel the pending order or return the order to StockX.

What is StockX

In fact, shopping using the StockX service is quite a fascinating experience, as it works in the way that by buying you’re participating in an auction. StockX is an auction-type platform that allows you to bring together buyers and sellers of certain models of sneakers, clothes, accessories, and other collectibles in one place.

It may seem that using the service is a bit awkward and complicated, but it’s absolutely not. The service is quite intuitive and bidding isn’t difficult. Also by the way if you don’t want to participate in the bidding, you can buy immediately what thing. In order to understand how to make orders, you should learn how to buy on StockX carefully.

Along with this on StockX is clothing and footwear which isn’t a novelty, that is, at this service is easy to find a collectible thing or just something that you have dreamed about once but didn’t have time to buy. This service works in such a way that brings people together. In fact, it’s just a platform for sales and purchases. Sellers place orders, committing to terms and conditions, and buyers are looking for unusual things to buy.

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What StockX does to protect customers from fakes

This question is quite important because of the fact that StockX actually acts as a platform, and for the goods are responsible sellers, potential buyers want to make sure that they buy the original product. However, you really don’t have to worry about this, because StockX is included in this process.

It works in such a way that after all the conditions have been met from the buyer’s side, that is, an order has been placed and paid for. Next, the seller must meet a number of conditions. These conditions include sending the order to the StockX office so that managers can check the order for authenticity.

Thus, for these actions, the seller has two business days to send the order and the platform staff to check the status of the order. Also their authenticity, so it’s absolutely safe to buy on StockX. In case the seller doesn’t fulfill any part of the transaction, StockX turns on and according to the rules, when the seller breaks the rules, reacts.

After all the checks by StockX, in case the product meets all the requirements, it will be sent to the buyer. In fact, StockX takes a little time to send the order. It works in such a way that the dispatch of the order is done by StockX, this is what allows this platform to create an atmosphere of anonymity.

What does pending mean in StockX

On StockX the buying procedure for the buyer looks like this: first, the buyer finds the product of interest. After that makes a bid, thereby offering its price, or immediately places an order.

Then your order isn’t yet confirmed and has the status of a pending order. This means that your order is being processed and is in a waiting status. That is, usually, the status of pending appears when your bid is accepted.

Along with this you can also act as a seller. The rules for placing orders are quite loyal to sellers. The main thing is that the product that you place on the platform StockX was original. Also, find out if can you sell used shoes on StockX.

Can you cancel a pending order on Stockx

The StockX platform has rather strict rules regarding cancellations and returns. That is, once the bid is accepted and is in the ‘pending’ section, it cannot be canceled. In your personal cabinet, there is no button that allows you to do this.

However, there is a chance to do it, but it’s not a guaranteed possibility. In order to try to cancel a pending order contact support, you need to explain the situation and wait for a reply.

StockX has created a system to keep the integrity of the marketplace intact, which works so that when your bid is accepted, the process of creating your order happens automatically. That is, when you sign up, your account stores everything you need to confirm, including your payment method and payment information. If someone can cancel a bid because they’ve changed their mind or are chasing a higher price, it interferes with StockX’s operation.

Along with this, there are other reasons why you can’t cancel an order as by doing so you’re simply abusing the service and inconveniencing sellers. This is because the seller will face difficulties or even financial losses because already begun to fulfill the order.

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Can you return the StockX order

The return policy is similar to the cancellation option, thus Stockx doesn’t have a return option. The most important reason why Stockx cannot do this is to create an anonymous platform. That is because the seller and the buyer don’t communicate in any way, it’s not possible to contact them in order to return an order.

At the same time, Stockx excludes this possibility due to the fact that their side fully checks the goods and guarantees their quality, perfect condition, and originality.

In the meantime, Stockx offers buyers who won’t be able to use the product, to place it on the platform and sell it with their help, in order to compensate for the money spent.