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How Much Does TikTok Gifts and Gift Points Cost

TikTok is a great platform for creative people which gives them great opportunities to improve their skills. It’s become popular during the last years. More and more users every day are getting involved in this big community. This service can be great for self-realization. Here you can show all your creativity, express your thoughts and share opinions with your subscribers. Moreover, some time ago, the platform also provided a great feature called “Gifts”.

A gift is a great option that makes it possible to see that your content is interesting. Have you wondered about what this feature is for and how to receive money from gifts? If not, you came to the right place. Welcome to our article, we’ll help you.

What you can get from TikTok Gifts

TikTok has a great policy. The creators do everything to entertain their users. For example, if you’re a good creator and have already reached 1000 subscribers, the platform opens you a feature of Gifts that may be received during the Live. In this way, your subscribers may show that your content is interesting and entertaining enough. Even though a huge percentage of creators make living by posting promos, there are still some who like getting gifts. However, not everyone can receive gifts.

The gifts are presented in form of badges with different icons. The variety of gifts is big enough and differs in cost. However, people wonder what to do then with the received “badges”. Basically, you receive money, but it should be converted. Each TikTok gift has its own point which then can be converted into a virtual diamond and then withdrawn into real money.

So, if you are interested in the principle of the TikTok Gifts work, keep on reading.

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How to buy the TikTok Gift

Each gift has its own cost. To buy gifts you need to buy coins first. These coins are the app’s virtual currency and can be used to get gifts and services like promos and shoutouts. However, you should keep in mind that the coins cost real money and the TikTok rules make it possible only for 18+ users.

So, if you want to buy coins, you can see below how much they would be worth:


The TikTok gifts are calculated based on how many coins and diamonds it’s equal to. However, it may be a bit confusing to calculate, that’s we can help you to know more about the cost of the most popular gifts. For example, the Rose Gift is one that is used a lot as it’s located not as far as others and looks quite attractive. One more popular gift is the Galaxy Gift which attracts users with its beauty.

How much the Planet Gift costs

The Planet Gift is another widely used gift. We’ll show you in this example how the cost of a gift is calculated. It’s based on the value of the Diamond. So, it takes one Diamond as two coins. It means that the creator would receive only half of the price.

So, the price of the Planet is 15000 coins. It means that:

  • 15000 coins = 150$
  • 2 coins = 1 Diamond
  • 15000 coins = 7500 Diamonds
  • 200 Diamonds = 1$
  • 7500 Diamonds = 37,5$
  • As the creator gets only 50% of the amount and the rest 50% is taken as the TikTok’s commission. So it means that the influencer would get only 18.75$ and only 9.37$ can be withdrawn.

How to cash out TikTok diamonds

If you want to cash out TikTok diamonds, you should be aware of the requirements. The list of requirements would be displayed below:

How much the TikTok gifts cost

There is a big variety of gifts offered by the TikTok developers. The list of the names of gifts and their prices would be shown in the table below:

Tsar100Hat and
Hi June1GG1Mirror30
Fire1Tennis1Plus one25
Ice Cream
1Corgi299Hand Hearts100
Finger Heart5Applause9Sunglasses199
Dancing Cactus299Waving
7Hand Heart100
Dance Together699June99Confetti100
Summer Band3999Garland
199Mishka Bear100

However to receive gifts you need to make great content, engage and entertain your subscribers to make the interested in you and make them want to show their appreciation with gifts. So, if you want to know how to create good content that would grasp the viewer’s attention, you can read this article.

All in all, TikTok developers have done everything for the convenience and confidence of their users. TikTok is a place where you can find friends, create new bonds, communicate with people, develop your creative skills, make living, share opinions, etc. The service creates a platform where all users can show their talents to the world and become famous. Moreover, the platform is full of great life hacks, funny stories, and interesting information that you’ll never think to find. So, I’d recommend trying the TikTok platform and you’ll definitely never stop using it, as it’s a great way not only to entertain yourself but also to relax.