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ChatGPT is getting a memory – here’s what it means

Yes, ChatGPT gets memory. This means it will be able to memorize context and information from conversations so that you don't have to repeat...

Yes, Vision Pro can be used by multiple users – here’s how

Vision Pro can only have one guest account, and there is not enough room inside the headset for the glasses, so you cannot use...

Netflix hits subs record, while Hulu and Disney+ lose subscribers

Streaming in the U.S., as in Canada and Western Europe, is reaching a ceiling of new customer engagement. While I won't judge "how close...

As Elon Musk loses his Tesla pay package, Neuralink moves from Delaware to Nevada

Elon Musk wasn't kidding when he said, "Never incorporate your company in the Delaware State." Now, the promises are being pretended after a judge overturned...

How to turn off voice guide on Samsung TV

Nowadays, people often use TVs and Smart TVs. That's why users choose the most convenient and quality ones. One of the most popular choices...

How to Get Spectrum App on Vizio TV

Vizio TV is included in the list of devices that support the Spectrum TV app. However, it's worth to find out how to get access to the streaming service.

How to use TimeShift on Samsung TV

Want to use TimeShift on your Samsung TV? Here's what you should know.

How to Turn Off PS5

You bought a new PS5 and now you don't know how to turn it off? It's pretty easy to do.

How to charge Samsung SolarCell Remote

Need to charge your Samsung SolarCell Remote? Here's how.

How to clear Continue Watching on Disney Plus

When the need arises to clear the 'Continue Watching' list on Disney Plus, everyone notices that this button is missing. Is this even possible?