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Top 10 comedy on Hulu

Hulu has a huge library of comedies in which I personally can rarely find something worthwhile quickly. So I decided to help you out...

Super Bowl halftime performers aren’t making much for the performance itself but here’s how they make money

The Super Bowl is a celebration of American Football and an event where one of the most iconic concerts of the year takes place....

How long do Super Bowl games last? We take a look at history to know

Let's look at how long Super Bowl games lasted to see how long a game lasts on average, what Super Bowl games lasted longer,...

How long is the Super Bowl 2024?

As it's officially named, Super Bowl 2024, or Super Bowl LVIII, is more than just a game for an NFL championship. It's a short...

How Nike has lost Lionel Messi to Adidas

In the high-octane world of sports endorsements, the game is as much about strategy as it is about athleticism. For sports brands, the ultimate trophy is securing top-tier athletes as brand ambassadors.

Hollywood on strike: A $3 billion curtain call nobody applauded for

A $3 billion a reportedly loss and that's all about the massive Hollywood strike.