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How to turn off voice guide on Samsung TV

Voice Guide on Samsung TVs help you to control your device with voice, however, sometimes, you need to disable the feature.
Vizio TV is included in the list of devices that support the Spectrum TV app. However, it's worth to find out how to get access to the streaming service.

How to use TimeShift on Samsung TV

Want to use TimeShift on your Samsung TV? Here's what you should know.

How to Turn Off PS5

You bought a new PS5 and now you don't know how to turn it off? It's pretty easy to do.
Need to charge your Samsung SolarCell Remote? Here's how.

How to clear Continue Watching on Disney Plus

When the need arises to clear the 'Continue Watching' list on Disney Plus, everyone notices that this button is missing. Is this even possible?
Need to turn off Voice Control on your Chromebook? Here's how you can do this.
Want to get rid of 'Continue Watching' on YouTube? Here's how to do this.

How to get Disney Plus on Hisense TV

There's a way to watch your favorite Disney Plus content on your Hisense TV. Here's how to get it.
Sometimes it happens when you hear no sound on your laptop connected to another display via HDMI. Here's how you can fix it.

How to Cancel Pending Order on StockX

Online shopping in today's world is quite a popular experience in people's lives. Since shopping online you can save time on walking around the...
Many people wondered if they needed the Apple Pencil after the company presented it to us. As of today some people still think it's a great tool that just helps and creates a great experience using the iPad. Others have doubts and with that, a lot of questions about...
It's hard to imagine today that people don't use streaming services. Every day it's becoming more and more popular and cable television is falling by the wayside. As people value their time and the opportunity to view only the content they want without advertising. Along with this is the...

Yes, you can add family payment to Google Play

In today's world, every device has an app for every operating system for full use. That is, all Android-based devices have a standard Google...